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Epoxy Remover - E3120

Did you know that most of the traditional epoxy removers on the market contain Dichloromethane? Dichloromethane is believed to be harmful to human health and the environment.

BingBond holds a higher ethical standard in doing business, and we have developed a new epoxy remover material that is Dichloromethane free - E3120. Apart from its eco-friendly feature, E3120 has high epoxy removing ability, as well as various kind of packaging options. For detailed experiment examples, please see below photos.

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly, dichloromethane free

  • Solvent and grease type silicone remover are both available. Grease type is suitable for non-flowable application, which prevents dripping, especially easy to apply on vertical surfaces

Product Application

Paint Remover・Epoxy Adhesive Remover・Mold Cleaner・Potting Epoxy Remover

Available Packages

500ml Bottle

4L Can

Customised packages are open for discussion.

You may contact us for further details!

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