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Silicone/PDMS Remover - E110

If you need to solve these problems:

(1) A silicone coated PCB rework

(2) Hard to remove potting or adhesive silicone

(3) Mold surface cleaning after fabricate silicone rubber

Silicone is a very stable material, therefore, it is usually applied to harsh environment and biocompatibility application.

However, such stability has become an issue for product rework and cleaning.

BingBond has overcome this material limitation

Our silicone remover, E110, is a solvent that could completely dissolve Silicone/PDMS.

Product Description

E110 is a PDMS liquid etchant with an etching rate at around 80 um/min. This product has excellent PDMS remove ability to clean molds after de-modling PDMS. It keeps the mold surface clean after every use.

You may contact us for further details!

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