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PDMS Mold Material

PDMS Material Application

・Micro structure fabrication

Featured Product

・216 - Standard model (Equivalant to Sylgard 184) 

・218 - Higher hardness PDMS ( Shore A 59)

・1102 - Higher elongation, 1:1 mix ratio


PDMS Etchant E110


PDMS Etchant

Silicone Remover

Mold Cleaner

Product Description

E110 is a PDMS liquid etchant with an etching rate at around 80 um/min. This product has excellent PDMS remove ability to clean molds after de-molding PDMS, it keeps the mold surface clean after every use.

For industrial use, E110 could remove silicone adhesive if it needs a rework process. 

Compatible Mold Material

SU-8 Photo Resist


Silicon wafer


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PDMS Mold Material
PDMS Etchant
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